ASSISTments is Hiring

ASSISTments Teacher Trainer

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in cooperation with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State, look to hire a math educator with experience and interest in using technology in the middle school math classroom as a coach/trainer.

This opportunity would involve learning how to use ASSISTments, a flexible online formative assessment tool, and supporting teachers in approximately 30 school across the State of North Carolina to use ASSISTments.

The coach/trainer position is just a part of a large project funded by the U.S. Department of Education. To see how we have begun to recruiting schools, to be part of the study, go the the ASSISTments in North Carolina Site. The 7th grade teachers that will be trained and supported for this project will come from schools randomly selected as the "Immediate Use Group".


Do your students struggle on homework even if they seemed to get the lesson when they were in class? Looking for a way to grow your ASSISTments skills? 

  • We're hiring ten 7th grade teachers who use Illustrative Math or Engage NY to test our new video feedback system
  • You can be a new or experienced ASSISTments user
  • You'll learn to embed short Youtube clips into Problem Sets to help support students outside of the classroom as they work on individual problems
  • This project is funded by the US Department of Education
  • Get paid to make ASSISTments better for your students and others