Open Up Resources 4.0 

ASSISTments has many problems from Open Up Resources(TM).  They have released these resources under a Creative Common License 4.0 BY license.  In lame-mane's terms, that means anyone is free to use them, for any reason, as long as they give attribution to the authors and to post the details of the licenses.  This statement constitutes our attribution responsible, and here is a pointer to the detailed Creative Commons 4.0 license .  

We thank OpenUp Resources (TM) for decided to give away they resources!  They also send us xml files to make our job easier so thanks OpenUpResources.

You can read the backstory reported in the media here about how Open Up Resources partnered with Illustrative Mathematics (TM) to author the 6-8th grade curriculum.

The licenses also requires us to make the disclaimer that our attribution of credit to Open Up Resources does not constitute their endorsement.  All errors on our website are WPI's fault and Open Up Resources is in now way responsible.  For instance, we have tried out best to put the same material into ASSISTments but errors happen.  To give example, we have a copy-paste error the other day were we copied the "1/2" symbol but it pasted as "12".  We have corrected the errors when we have been informed about.  

Open Up Resources and Illustrative Mathematics are registered trademark owned by their respective organizations.