Engage New York 3.0  

ASSISTments contains many problems from EngageNY's website.  EngageNY is trademarked by New York State. They have paid for Great Minds(TM) to create this content and required them to release it under a Creative Commons license. The content you just looked at was released under what is called the #.- BY NC-SA license. That means anyone is free to use this content, for any reason, for commercial purposes, as long as they attribute the authors, and share-alike, as we post the details of the licenses. This statement constitutes our attribution to the Great Minds company that claims copyright. Here is a pointer to the detailed Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA license .  

You can read this news about the owners and how others are distributing the same content, as well as recent press. The Great Minds company also distributed their own versions of these materials, and use their registered trademark of "Eureka Math(TM)".  

The license also requires us to make the disclaimer that our attribution of credit to Great Minds(TM) and EngageNY does not constitute either of their endorsement. All errors on our website are WPI's fault. Great Minds(TM) and EngageNY are in no way responsible. For instance, we have tried our best to put the same material into ASSISTments, but errors happen. To give an example, we had a copy-paste error the other day reported where we copied the "1/2" symbol but it pasted as "12." We have corrected the errors when we have been informed about them.  

Great Minds(TM) and Eureka Math(TM) are registered trademarks of the Great Minds company. We think EngageNY is a registered trademark owned by their respective organizations.