Building Content to assign

Feedback to students and teachers is the backbone of ASSISTments. Before there can be feedback however their must be an assignment.  We leave it to the teacher to determine what content to assign to the student. In such teacher create or find problem sets and assign them to all or some of their students.  There are three types of problem sets, skill builders and placements which are both highlighted on the skill fluency page and complete all problem sets that will be covered here. 

A problem set is made up of problems.  Teachers can combine any problem in the system to create a new problem set. These problem sets can be delivered in linear order or random order.  Teachers can create a copy of a problem set, when this is done the individual problems inside are not copied, just used. If a teacher wants to edit one of those problems then a copy will be made and inserted automatically.  

Flexibility is key, teachers can 1. build problems from scratch 2. selecting existing problems 3. editing existing problems. 

Build problems from scratch



At the Builder Tab teachers can create a problem set. If they select Build your own problem they will be taken to the problem builder. 


Five questions or fewer can be created. A problem must have the question (this can be complete with a variety of multimedia) and an answer (there is a large variety of answer types). In later editing hints can be added and messages for specified wrong answers.  


A problem set will be created. Each problem will have a code in the form PRXXXXX and the problem set will have a code in the form PSXXXXX.  The name of the problem set will be what shows up on the students list.  This problem set can be edited and added to. If it is changed it will change everywhere it is stored or assigned. 

Selecting existing problems

Once a problem set is created then a teacher can write new problems or add existing problems, from a list of problems they build or by using the PRXXXXX ID. This next section shows how to do this from "View Problems" or a list of math problems organize by the Common Core. 


From "View Problems" for any problem set a teacher can select items and then create a new problem set using the selected problems or add the selected problems to an existing problem set. 


Many math problems in ASSISTments have been tagged with a common core state standard.  These can be found under the Builder tab at Create a Problem Set, select problems from skills (math only). A list of these problems can be found under each standard and they can be used to create a new problem set using the selected problems or added to an existing problem set. 

Learn how to build a problem set or add to a problem set by selecting existing problems.

Editing existing problems

Once a teacher is editing a problem set they own they can make changes to any of the problems.  Just click on edit next to a problem and if it is owned by the teacher it will open in it's editor, if the problem is not owned by the teacher, no problem, a copy is automatically made and the new one is added to the problem set.