Professional Development Through Coaching

The use of ASSISTments is always free

Make an investment in teachers, not a service.  It is the teachers that make technology effective.


"With ASSISTments, hands were going up the whole time because they immediately knew if it was wrong and would ask for help if they couldn't figure it out. MUCH better than waiting until the next day to find out you had it wrong. It helps spot those "faulty thinking" and incorrect methods before they have done it on the entire page."
Chantelle Holmes
7th Grade Math Teacher
William Cohen Middle School
Bangor, ME 

"You know how you have kids who are clearly behind in their prerequisite skills and you need to do something about it? Based upon my kids' prerequisite assessments, I used the data to drive which kids got assigned which skillbuilders so they were practicing the skills they were evidently weak with. Took a total of 5 minutes. Why wouldn't you want to be efficient in terms of providing feedback and providing resources?"
Jessica Rudolph
High School Math Teacher
Metro Early College High School
Columbus, OH 

"Try it! You won't be disappointed. It will cut down on the time you take trying to find where your students are struggling. It will cut down on the amount of correcting homework you have to do. AND best of all the students benefit by knowing when they are doing a problem wrong allowing them to fix their approach before moving on to the next problem and continuing to do the work wrong. My students love assistments."
Vicki Davis
7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher
Blue Hill Consolidated School
Blue Hill, ME 

"It calculates the students’ score on standard- based and gives detailed students’ reports which keeps the teacher informed about the individual needs of their students. So, teachers can adapt their instructions accordingly which is very helpful in preparing the students for the tests."
Mary Abdel Messih
High School Science Teacher
North Arlington High School
North Arlington, NJ 

"It makes students more accountable. It helps me decide which problems need more instruction or practice before class starts. It reduces the amount of class time spent going over homework." 
Judy Cain
High School Math Teacher
Sherando High School 
Stephens City, VA

"The conversations we have as a class analyzing the data are quite meaningful. I can now say as well that I can not imagine teaching without ASSISTments. Having a daily pulse on what my students truly understand is more than a dream come true."
Palmina Griffin
7th Grade Math Teacher
P. Brent Trottier Middle School
Southborough, MA 

"If you give multiple choice, sequencing, or fill in the blank question test this will save you a lot of time on grading and gives you excellent data to work with as well."
Ryan Willard
High School Science Teacher
Biomed Science Academy
Rootstown, OH 

"I LOVE IT!! The time spent going over homework each day has decreased in my class. I can spend more time going over the problems we need to, instead of all of them. Students are able to figure their mistakes they may make while doing their homework at the time they are doing it. No more waiting to see if you got them right or not; students instantly know by submitting answers and looking at their item report."  
Shelley Cyr
6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math Teacher
Hermon Middle School
Hermon, ME 

"My students are doing homework on ASSISTments every night now, beginning each class viewing reports, and working on problems from the reports. This routine is driving my instruction. I wonder, 'HOW did I do this before? Did I just hope I was on target?'"
Barbara Delaney
6th Grade Math Teacher
Bellingham Middle School
Bellingham, MA 

"I can't tell you how much easier the program has made planning for substitutes. I've even assigned skillbuilders from a doctor's waiting room after realizing that some kids may finish a test early and will have nothing to do."
Terence Tibbetts
7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher