MathTextbook Homework

4 Step Process


Teachers select their book from the publishers proprietary textbooks or licensed free textbooks available in ASSISTments. If their textbook is not there they can build their own. 

MathTextbooks already entered into ASSISTments

Publishers Proprietary Textbooks

Openly licensed (free) textbooks


Teachers select items to assign to the student from the section of the book they are teaching.


Students get feedback as they work allowing them to make adjustments if they get a problem wrong.


Teachers get feedback in real time as the students work.  They can share this report in class, along with common wrong answers and percent correct for each student and problem.

Without the report

Teacher begins homework review by displaying answers and having students review their work. Then students ask questions if they want. 

“Get out your homework form last night.  Here are the answers, use them to check your work.  Raise your hand if you have a question.”

With the report

Teacher begins by displaying the report and asking about the common wrong answer, then reviewing the problems with low percent correct.

“Lets start with this question since only 27% of you got it correct. Why did 56% of you make the same common wrong answer of 1/9^10?”

Overview of Textbook Homework

Study: Textbook Work improves Learning

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