ASSISTments 2.0

new integration with Google Classroom

ASSISTments 2.0 is here and you can take advantage of the benefits now!

In 2016 ASSISTments 1.0 was retrofitted to integrate with Google Classroom, allowing Classroom to handle student management. We have since created ASSISTments 2.0, a new system that was designed to work with Google from the ground up.

Easier to use, better graphic interface. Two very appealing features:

  • The Bookmark feature allows you to easily access content you like without navigating through several folders.
  • Teachers can Assign problem sets to more than one class at a time.

Getting used to change is always hard, but we hope our simple new design will convince you that it is worth it. Eventually, all ASSISTments users will be switched to 2.0. Be a part of the team that shapes the design of ASSISTments future! We listen to our users, so your feedback will shape the design of ASSISTments 2.0. 

Your feedback will ensure the shift is as streamlined and helpful as possible.Send any feedback to [email protected]

Build your content in ASSISTments 1.0

Assign it through ASSISTments 2.0

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