Utah Math Middle School

ASSISTments contains many problems from Utah Math's middle school work (http://utahmiddleschoolmath.org/). The content is marked as being released under a Creative Common License. They state on their site that "All materials are completely FREE, open source, printable, and licensed under Creative Commons, cc-by 4.0. Thus we only ask that you attribute the University of Utah with the work herein."  In keeping with the CC-BY-4.0 this web page acknowledges that the University of Utah created this content. Also, CC licenses require that we provide a disclaimer so we do so here: the University of Utah in no way endorses WPI's use of this content or its veracity. All errors on our website are WPI's fault. For instance, we have tried our best to put the same material into ASSISTments, but errors happen. To give an example, we had a copy-paste error the other day reported where we copied the "1/2" symbol but it pasted as "12." We have corrected the errors when we have been informed about them. Also, we have to modify the content to make it gradeable by computer. For instance we sometimes have to specify how many digits to round your answer to. But we have tried to stay as consistent with Utah Math's questions as possible. 

We would like to thank the authors of Utah Math and the University of Utah for releasing this free resource; many students using ASSISTments have benefited from this being free. 

Any names from Utah Math that are registered trademarks remain owned by the University of Utah.