Meet the Coaches

Andrew Burnett

Andrew started teaching math in 1997 but is wasn't until 2008 that he started using ASSISTments with his students and he shortly realized that that he was a more effective teacher when using the platform.  By 2010, he was so passionate about how ASSISTments improved student learning that he began teaching a graduate level course to teachers called Formative Mathematics Assessment using ASSISTments.  In 2012, Andrew was hired by WPI as part of a grant to help run a study in Maine to determine the effectiveness of immediate feedback on homework when using ASSISTments.  In 2016 he continued work his work with teachers on a new project about identifying students who persevere unproductively.

Cristina Heffernan

Cristina began her career in education as a math teacher in the Peace Corps. She went on to teach middle school math in the inner city and at an elite private school sector.  This variety of experiences along the way has supported her in her current capacity of instructional coach.  She began working with teachers while a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. She has coached in Boston and Worcester MA.  As one of the co-founders of ASSISTments Cristina has been instrumental in nurturing the system to be a tool for teachers to improve what they already do well in the classroom. 

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