ASSISTments Overview

ASSISTments is three things. It is Feedback, Flexibility and Free.

When students work on problems given to them by their teachers they find out immediately if they are right or wrong, this feedback allows them to persevere.  There can also be just in time hints and explanations along the way as the students work. There is feedback for the teacher in the form of actionable reports on how each student did on each problem selected and assigned. Teachers get this feedback without the time consuming chore of grading. 

Teachers are in charge, they can use our content as is, edit content or build their own content.  This flexibility makes the site accessible to all teachers.  This flexibility allows ASSISTments to support the initiatives teachers are already invested in. 

WPI and the Heffernans are dedicated to keeping ASSISTments Free forever. If teachers are building content and sharing it the site must be free.  Also ASSISTments works hand in hand with new open educational resources, OER, curriculums that are free by putting all their homework problems in the system. 

Watch a short portion of Andrew Burnett's presentation at the maine Math teachers conference (2016) to learn about what ASSISTments is and how it started.

  Page Update by Andrew Burnett - 2016