I LOVE IT!! The time spent going over homework each day has decreased in my class. I can spend more time going over the problems we need to, instead of all of them.  

Shelley Cyr - 8th Grade Teacher - Hermon, ME 

Students benefit by knowing when they are doing a problem wrong allowing them to fix their approach before moving on to the next problem and continuing to do the work wrong. My students love assistments. 

Vicki Davis - 7th and 8th Grade Teacher - Blue Hills, ME

It makes students more accountable. It helps me decide which problems need more instruction or practice before class starts. It reduces the amount of class time spent going over homework.  

Judy Cain - High School Math Teacher - Stephens City, VA

It calculate the students’ score on standard- based and gives detailed students’ reports which keeps the teacher informed about the individual needs of their students. So, teachers can adapt their instructions accordingly which is very helpful in preparing the students for the tests. 

Mary Abdel Messih - High School Science Teacher - North Arlington, NJ

You know how you have kids who are clearly behind in their prerequisite skills and you need to do something about it? Based upon my kids' prerequisite assessments, I used the data to drive which kids got assigned which skillbuilders so they were practicing the skills they needed. 

Jessica Rudolph - High School Math Teacher - Columbus, OH

It gives you a clear, quick snapshot of what students know. You are able to tell what students need intervention on a specific skill and which students can move on. It saves teachers time because it grades for you and all your assessments you build are saved from year-to-year.  

Ashleigh Locke - 7th Grade Teacher - Kittery, ME

I have seen a tremendous improvement in student engagement with underperforming students using this program. Students are able to get immediate help with the breakdowns and hints.  

Joanne Smith - High School Math Teacher - Walpole, MA

What a wonderful tool!!!! You can use the skill builders to give additional review for your students or for RTI students. When you use the homework component, you receive a wonderful report that can help guide your instruction. You also have the power to build any assistment that will work for you and you get wonderful and instant feedback on how the students do.  

Roland Dube - 7th and 8th Grade Teacher - Bangor, ME